10 Worst Spyware Threats

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Spyware is the thing we all dread. Installations of spy ware can wreak havoc with your computer. In bad cases it can get to the point where your computer is struggling to turn on let alone do anything useful. Spy ware is a nuisance but there are different grades of spyware, some worst than others but they all have one thing in common, you want to get rid of them. Spy ware is any program that monitors your on line activities or installs programs – without your consent – for profit or to steal personal information. The 10 worst spy ware packages are listed below, be sure to check for and remove them as soon as you can.

1. Trojan-Downloader-Zlob. A trojan horse that downloads information or programs to your computer without your knowledge. It hides in the background and runs without your knowledge. The Zlob is usually transmitted via an e-mail attachment and installs without your knowledge. This Trojan is extremely prevalent in the wild, it downloads 3rd party software and installs it on your computer.

2. Trojan.Gen. This a generic term for any suspicious software that may be found on your computer. It should be treated as malicious and removed! The spyware may be installing programs without your knowledge or could be collecting data.

3. Trojan-Ace-X. Trojan ace X is a remote access spy ware package that can give another user access to your computer, they will be free to install programs or change settings. A very serious security risk that should be removed ASAP. It is usually disguised as a harmless program in order to get you to install it.

4. Trojan-Agent.Gen. This is a generic term for a group of spyware programs that may be recording data about your internet activity. Remove the agent as soon as it is detected.

5. Trojan Downloader Matcash. Matcash is a remote access spy ware package that will give a user unrestricted access to your computer. It needs to be removed. It may run programs in the background without your knowledge and it may delete, modify or add programs whenever it feels like. You will usually become infected via an email attachment.

6. Trojan Agent Winlogonhook. Winlogonhook may manage files on your computer. It will give another person unrestricted access to your computer allowing them to delete, add or alter any programs or files on your computer. A severe security risk that needs to be removed.

7. 2nd-thought. Can allow a person full access to your computer and give them full control of your computer including keyboard, mouse and hard drive. Your files can be remotely tampered with and they have full access to all files and programs.

8. Trojan-Relayer-Areses. Similar to the other spy ware programs the package is disguised as an innocent program or an email attachment but will install itself without your knowledge. Once installed it will give another remote user full access to your computer allowing them to delete, access and alter files as they please.

9. Trojan-Poolsv. Trojan-Poolsv may manage files on your computer, including creating, deleting, renaming, viewing, or transferring files to or from your computer. The program is usually disguised as an innocent email attachment and installs itself without your knowledge.

10. Trojan-Phisher-Bzub. Trojan-Phisher-Bzub is a phishing Trojan that may harvest personal information such as user names and passwords in order to access financial accounts. It runs silently in the background is usually distributed as an email attachment. The spy ware will be disguised as an innocent program.

This is by no means a complete list of spyware threats but these are all recent serious threats that could damage or corrupt your computers data and in some cases render is almost useless. The best thing to do with spy ware is to remove it!

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