5 Tips to Choose the Best Spyware Removal Tool

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With the proliferation of Internet, the threats of online security are increasing day by day. More and more spyware, virus, trojans and worms are being created each day. With them, more and more programs to counter these online threats are being developed. Some are feature-rich, some are trialware, some are free and some charge hefty price to clean your PC.

In such a situation, sometimes it becomes very difficult for an average computer user to choose the best spyware removal tool. Here we give you five tips, which will help you to choose the best tool for your need.

1. Don’t go for FREE: Nothing in this world is FREE. It is very obvious. Software development requires lots of efforts, time and money spend. And this is not a one time-activity. Anti-spyware tools require constant updation of the definition to detect and remove latest spyware threats. Why would somebody give it free to you. It is always good to invest a few 20-30 bucks in a good quality Anti-spyware, instead of rely on so-called free software and repent later.

2. Choose a full-featured spyware removal tool: Look for the features. And remember “more” is not always “better”. Two of the most important features are “Auto-update” and “Undo” features. Look for the frequency at which the files and spyware definitions get updated. Undo features allows you to recover some of the files which you wrongly deleted.

3. Look for the Support: Look at the website. How do they provide the support. Whether they are available through IM, Phone email. What is most convenient to you. Count on all factors.

4. Ease of Use: Test drive the Spyware Removal Tool before you purchase it. Be comfortable with the look and feel and the user interface. Make sure that you understand all the features and facilities. If you cannot use some features, then they are useless for you.

5. Stick with the big guns: Rogue Anti-spyware programs are on the rampage in 2008. They pretend to be a genuine spyware removal tool, and from their website, it extremely difficult to tell, whether they are fake or genuine. Your best bet will be stick only with the well-known brands.

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