A Wireless Realm in 21st Century

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With the advent of wireless technology the scenario of Internet world has been extremely changed. It isn’t say wrong that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have ushered the mankind into a new realm, a wonderful space that has only gadgets but no wires. Digital data transmissions are made through wireless networks. So much so, these networks can also be connected to the Net, the information superhighway of the world Laptop notebooks and Blue Tooth-enabled personal computers are dominating the corporate boardrooms of the world. Cellular phones have Wi-Fi capabilities; so we have no problem in sending and receiving SMS (short messaging service) and MMS (multimedia messaging service) messages. Airports have wireless data transfer facilities. Anyone, who is authorised to surf through wireless networks with the help of his laptop, can do so with the click on the mouse.

However, wireless data transmissions are executed only at a price. Wired gadgets are still cheaper than their wireless cousins. Ordinary PC users would have to wait for some years to put their hands on such marvels of avante-grade technology.

Despite fierce competition, some manufacturers of Wi-Fi technology-based gadgets stand out in the crowd. These manufacturers are likely to remain key players in the wireless world at least till 2012. However, after five years, they could be displaced by other entrants in the field of wireless technologies and gadgets.

The arrival and progress of wireless technologies means a lot of convenience to the corporate and ordinary users. As on date, we cannot count any serious drawback of these technologies, except one-they are quite complicated. Ordinary users cannot program or even use the wireless gadgets without proper training. In the times to come, sophisticated training modules would be made available in the global markets. Users would be required to slog to master the operations of the software as well as hardware of these technologies. We shall apprise our readers about the latest developments in this field in the new edition this volume.

In the upcoming years, the number of users may be reach at a new level of height. With the increasing number of Wi-Fi users, it can be say that the demands of this technology will be truly obtain a new height. We can see that craze of Internet among users are increased globally. So, it is estimated that the number of Wi-Fi users will be achieve at new level worldwide. The reason behind it is clearly the superiority of this technology.

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