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If some of you are having issues with a slow computer and are wondering how to “speed my computer up”, you can improve your PC’s performance by defragmenting your hard drive. Doing this on a regular basis is a necessary practice to help keep your computer performing at a higher level. And it’s fairly easy and safe to do yourself.

So “What is defragmenting?” you ask and how will it speed my computer up?. In a jist, defragmenting is consolidating or rearranging fragmented files that have formed on your computer’s hard drive over time and reunites the data (files) so your computer can run more efficiently.

Why do we need to defragment our computers?

Because fragmentation is a natural occurrence. As we use our computers we are constantly saving, changing and deleting files. When we make changes to a file or program the changes are not made to the file at its original location but at a different location on the hard drive. And when even more changes are made and saved it gets stored in yet another location on our hard drive. When this happens fragmentation has occurred. This makes it harder for our computers to search for files, which in turn, bogs our computers down. As times goes, our files and hard drives get fragmented (separated), which slow down our computer’s performance because it has to look in many locations for a file. So defragmenting your PC will help you “speed my computer up”.

What can we do to fix this?

So like I said above you can do this manually each time or set up a schedule for the Disk Defragmenter, (which is a part of your computer) to do it for you. To manually do it follow these steps.

Click the Start Button > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter

You might be prompted to put a password or configuration code in, if so type the information in.

**While in here you can also set up a schedule for it to automatically defragment.

Click->Configure Schedule (if you choose to set one up. If not, move on to defragment now)

Click Defragment Now

Defragmenting the disk could only take a couple minutes or it could take a few hours depending on the degree of fragmentation. But, you can use your computer while it’s defragmenting. Maybe you have the Disk Defragmenter on a schedule to automatically do this once a week like I do. Hint: This would be a good idea to do then you won’t forget to do it. This will help keep your PC running efficiently but there are other things you can do to make your PC run even faster, like cleaning the registry , updating drivers and maintaining the System Resource manager.

If you’re wondering how to “speed my computer up” even more and get it working at its optimum performance use Uniblue. They are a well trusted company that has received over a hundred 5 Star Awards. You have the option to get the PowerSuite package that totally optimizes your PC or you can just get the individual software. It’s up to you. I used the Registry Booster, which also has an option to defragment your PC if you choose. I used both and my computer has been running smooth ever since.

So try this out. Hopefully this will help some of you out.

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