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With a database so large that it can scan for spyware programs, including the latest ones, the Spyware Cease anti spyware program is one of the best when it comes to protecting your computer’s efficiency and your personal information.

But, what is a spyware to begin with? What are these malware, adware and other malicious programs that people constantly talk about these days? What do they do to your system and more importantly, why are they a threat to your personal information and passwords?

First of all, spyware, malware and other such programs which are termed to be malicious or as threats are considered viruses. They were created by advertisers and internet marketers in an attempt to find out about the interests and background of their target markets. In other words, they will gather information from the person’s computer which it infects. They enter anonymously through various ways such as downloads, web browsers and sometimes even through chat. It is relatively easy to get infected with this kind of software and statistics even show that around 95% of computers which have connection to the internet have at least one type of this software in their systems. Besides gathering background information about the user, malware have many more unwanted effects.

Spyware can also track your activity in the internet. It can check every website you visit, every person you chat with and every password you put in. This puts you at grave risk against hackers as they can invade your personal space or privacy. At the same time, having numerous spyware programs in your operating system’s registry will effectively slow down your computer and its processing speed due to clogging and traffic. With the use of Spyware Cease, you can avoid all these inconveniences and eliminate any threat posed by these unwanted programs.

Spyware Cease have two methods to scan for spyware, first is its automated scanning. It will regularly scan for various types of spyware, adware and malware in your computer’s most commonly infected directories such as internet temporary files, download folders and other directories. At the same time, you have the option to do a manual scan of specific directories which you think is infected by spyware.

Another feature that makes this great is its Custom Fix feature. What this means is that you can attempt to remove spyware that were detected but cannot be removed by the Spyware Cease. It also provides a real time protection against malicious programs. What this means is that it will block attempts by certain spyware to enter your computer by constantly scanning the browsers you go to as well as every download you do. Once detected, it will have no chance of entering your system.

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