FTHM Scam Business Review – Is Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing a Scam Or Legit Business Opportunity?

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With the massive success of the online marketing industry, there are always companies out there that will spark new curiosity and trepidation when a person is searching for the right opportunity to invest with.  One of these many companies includes a company by the name of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, a company that many people have heard may be a scam.  But is Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing really a scam?  Here is my FTHM scam business review:


Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is a multi-level marketing company that was founded by Paul Orberson.  After years of success and enjoying a few years of retirement, Orberson decided to come back to the business world and create his own network marketing company to give people the opportunity to achieve the same level of financial success that he already had.


The FTHM product line includes weight management, health and beauty, internet services, satellite tv, long distance phone services and wireless phones and phone plans.

Business and Compensation:

It costs $299 to sign up and get started with the Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing company.  As with any other network marketing company, a person must recruit new people into the company and their personal downline in order to make money and have success.  Members are paid a commission of 2-20% on the volume that comes through their downline or team.  The downside of the FTHM compensation plan is that they use what is called a “stair-step break-away compensation plan”, which means that once a team member in their downline reaches a particular level, they “break away” from their sponsor and become their direct competition.

FTHM Scam Conclusion:

While Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing does not appear to be a scam, it does have a business structure that will be difficult for the majority of people to achieve long-term and significant success.  But if you don’t mind spending the majority of your time recruiting new members and would enjoy the challenge of literally creating your own direct competition than maybe this business is for you.  From my observations, the amount of work involved and recruiting that is required in this particular business for generating a significant income is much beyond what many other opportunities require, so for many people it would be advisable to continue their research for a more automated and duplicatable online business system with professional and extensive training that will provide the road map for attaining tangible, permanent success and financial freedom!

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