Generate 20 Live Leads a Day in 3 Easy Steps

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Have you ever bought network marketing or opportunity leads?

Have you ever felt that they weren’t responsive. I mean they requested info on making money, why shouldn’t they want to speak to the 12th person today who would like to make them money “in no time at all.”

Face it, buying leads and cold calling them is not the way to grow your home business. There is a very elite 1% who possess the sales skills to succeed in cold calling, but for the average Joe like you ad me, we have to resort to more covert tactics.

What do we do then? Simple, we create our own leads. Leverage the power of the internet to create an endless stream of hot prospects knocking at your door to join your business.

I know it may sound difficult at first, but I will show you 3 ways to do it for FREE today.

But first we need a capture page to gather the leads. Check YouTube for free videos on creating your capture page. I suggest using Aweber as your autoresponder choice. When you have your capture page set up, you are now ready to generate your own highly targeted leads. Now the first tactic is simple, (hint: you’ve been reading it all along)

That’s right, it’s article marketing. Now for article marketing I suggest you use your own hand written articles, or you can have someone create them for you on DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT use plr articles or other people’s articles. Nothing will destroy your credibility faster than you using other people’s content, this will not help you generate any MLM leads, just hurt your leader status.

My favorite place to post articles is here on EzineArticles because it is also like a community. The more you post, the better you are recognized and you leader value will go up in your prospects eyes.

Always try to have your article focus on one subject and make sure to use your keywords often, like the subject here is “generating free MLM leads in 3 easy steps,” and most of the phrase should be used several times in here.

You can always use the same article on other article directories. This method is powerful due to your resource box. Include a call to action there, and have your prospects go to your landing page to opt in for more info. You will build your list this way, and since articles are spread virally, you will get more exposure, the further the articles go.

Technique 2 is using free classified ads. I will show you where you can get a list of free classified sites at the bottom. This will require a time commitment, but the traffic found in free ad sites is massive. You can post a short ad telling people what they can find for free on your capture page, like more info on generating free leads, then they click the link and go opt in on your form.

What you can do is create 5 headlines and 5 ad copies, and just cycle through them and create 25 ads, then post each to the top 5 directories. This will create a lot of exposure and generate you at least 5 free leads a day by itself, if done correctly.

Now the last technique to generate you at lest 20 free leads a day is video marketing. All you have to do is buy a simple flip video camera, shoot yourself (with the camera, please only with the camera 🙂 giving a free lesson of some sort. Let’s say you have an article like this one about generating free leads for your MLM business, then just red it to the camera and provide some personality. You can then go to and send it to over 20 different video sites and watch the free leads you generate start to trickle in. Don’t forget your url in the description box to generate your leads.

Now go out and start generating your own free MLM leads utilizing these techniques, next time I hear from you, it better be at the top 😉

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