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Looking for a Hotmail Virus Removal? Yes, you and MILLIONS of others trying to clean up or save their computers form being corrupted by that pesky piece of software.

Good new though, you CAN remove and prevent the bug from causing major problems on your network… Plus I can help lead you in the right direction, while also answering some of the most important and basic questions. Hopefully you won’t be another victim. Removal is easy to get and can also help protect your computer from numerous other computer bugs that currently lurk around the Internet.

To help get you started here are 3 TOP Hotmail Virus Removal questions you need to know:

#1) What is the Hotmail Virus?

Just as the name states it’s a computer bug…

But unfortunately it often arrives into your email’s “Inbox” disguised as an email attachment that you likely receive on a regular basis from colleagues, coworkers, family and friends. Basically if you have any sneaking suspicions whatsoever you should avoid opening these emails and attachments, and check with the source first to make sure that this attachment is indeed what the Sender actually meant to send you. Of course if the answer is NO then DELETE it before it can do any further harm. It is often recommended that you regularly empty your “Junk Mail” and “Trash” as this practice can help as well.

#2) What can it do?

Once your computer has been “infected” it is now at a huge risk of wreaking havoc. It can do a lot of harm in a very short amount of time including the following:

  • delete important files
  • corrupt your computer’s data
  • create entrance for hackers to gain your personal information
  • slow your computer’s workability
  • interrupt your email viewing and totally interfere with email access
  • and more…

#3) Can I take Protective Measures?

YES you can. In fact you can quickly take pre & post-preventative virus protection measures to help keep your computer clean and safe. In fact, certain software companies offer FREE Hotmail Virus Removal scans. Currently this is the best way to be active and avoid any future complications.

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