How to Fix VBA Runtime Error 1004 for Excel Macro Programming

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Runtime error is quite common, and you might have experienced it while working on the computer. The Runtime Error 1004 is caused when you copy and paste the desired data to the MS Excel worksheet. Users are programming some VB macros to calculate the complicated formulas, as a mini application. When this error happens, the Microsoft VB fail to work out the commands or transfer data that is filtered. This entails that you should change the data which you prefer transferring or you should find an alternative method to get it done. The usual format of the runtime error code 1004 will be: “Copy function of the Range Class failed” or “Paste method of work book classed failed”.

The major rationale of this runtime error is due to the VB application trying to copy the complete row and paste them into the worksheet or it might try to too many rows into the Excel worksheet. To resolve this runtime error, you must first ensure that the VB macro is right transferring to the defined row to the Excel worksheet. Rather copying the complete row, you could get it done by a simple command usage. Doing so, the data will be transferred to the system without leaving any piece of information.

Once after doing this, you must clean your windows registry. We all know that windows registry is an important unit of your computer and stores the desktop images, wallpapers, latest data updates and besides this, it also stores the computer settings too. When any files or applications in the registry are damaged, it will result with major disasters and might wreck your system together. Keep in mind, windows registry should not be edited or aligned manually rather you should use the registry repair tool to perform the operations.

The use of registry repair tool will completely remove the errors and it fixes the runtime error 1004 easily and effectively. This registry repair tool not only helps in resolving the error code 1004 but also helps in troubleshooting a variety of errors that is caused due to registry damage. It will detect the errors and fix them as well. Don’t try to edit the registry yourself if you don’t have good knowledge in handling the issue, but try a registry tool. If you don’t have this tool in your machine, you can download it online. Since it is free of cost, anyone can download and use it to clean the computer thoroughly. However, the paid one is always providing the better and more reliable functions as needed.

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