How to Make Your Client Comfortable Signing a Contract – Not!

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Not a lot was used to draw attention to the fact that you should avoid using the word contract, unless you are on the defensive trying to enforce one! You want your client to just complete the paper work or just fill out a few forms. Hopefully you noticed that “”just” was added as well. Don’t be afraid to take it a step further by smiling and nodding as if you do this every day and twice on Sunday! Remember, the key is to have your client feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

The sale, just does not stop once you get them to say yes, in many cases it’s just beginning. Hopefully, most of us have heard by this time that buyers do experience “buyers remorse” and much of that can be eliminated by making sure that when you transition to formalizing the transaction that you use comfortable non intrusive or threatening words. So it’s not contract, it’s paper work or forms, not sign, but rather, let me just get your signature here, here and one initial over there.

Let that same ambiance of wording carry through into other areas of your experience as well. Your not coming over for a sales presentation, your simply providing a preview or an overview of your offerings. You don’t need a down payment, but simply an initial investment. Not a monthly payment, but rather a monthly investment. Remember the product or service that you are providing has value, so it should be referred to and treated as such.

Your client is not buying, they are becoming involved with you or your company. It’s not “Mr. Jones, if you buy with us today,” it’s “if you choose to get involved” or as I would prefer you say,”when” you get involved with us today,” so that you’re assuming the experience all along, this way in the here and now. Feel free to experiment with your own comfort words during the close, that get across the same formal, stuffy meanings and you will be own your way to a more profitable year.

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