How to Write Articles Fast (Live Article Writing Example)

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Article marketing is great, but many people think it takes so long to write one article. What that means for those people is that they aren’t able to write fast enough to be able make article marketing profitable.

Because truth be told, if you write an article, it has to convert to subscribers and then buyers in order for the article marketing to be effective. But if someone only writes 1 article a week, no matter how good that article is, he probably isn’t going to get the results he wants.

So with this article I am going to do a live demonstration of how to write a fast article. I opened my word processor a few minutes ago to write this introduction, and I’m going to start the word count right now, at 11:06 on the clock and start with word 0 here (there are 192 words in this intro so far, we won’t count those words, although if I were writing an article just for the purpose of writing an article those would count and this article would be basically half finished right now):

Starting at 0 words at 11:07 AM:

In this article I am going to show you how to write a 400 word article fast. The reason it is going to be a 400 word article is because most experts right now would recommend 400-600 words as the optimal article length, so 400 is the minimum I can use and expect to get the best results. And of course the reason we want to write articles fast is because if we write fast we can write more articles each day. I recommend writing articles for 2 hours a day, and if someone can get to writing 1 article per 15 minutes, that means he can write 8 articles per day.

The first step is to write the introduction, which is what you see above in the last paragraph – that’s the introduction to this article. So far, the new count is 147 words, and the time is 11:10 AM. So this leaves 253 words for this article. And yes, when I am writing an article, I am constantly checking to see not only how many words I have written, but also how many are left to go. This way I can be subconsciously thinking about how many words to write for each part of the rest of the article.

The way I like to organize the article is with an introduction of about 100 or so words, which leaves 300 words for about 5 points. I like to work with 5-7 points in each article. So if there are 5 points and I have 300 words to go, then I will write about 60 words per point.

Notice that each paragraph in this article is one point, and you can count how many words in each paragraph.

The next thing that is important is your knowledge of whatever you are writing about. You should know your topic off the top of your head. For example, in this article, I am writing off the top of my head. I don’t have to do any research for this article because I live and breathe what I am teaching here. And that is how it should be for you. You should be writing from knowledge you know internally. If you don’t know your topic inside and out, start studying. If this is a real business for you, it should be worth it to you to learn your niche inside and out. That might mean reading 5-10 books on your topic. If you were to invest 2 hours a day for a month to read about your topic, imagine how much more knowledgeable you would be in 30 days!

Now we are at over 400 words, but in this case I have one more point, so I continue to write. The final point is this: typing speed. For this article I am typing at my top speed, typing what comes to mind at the fastest rate I can type. In your case, if you type slower than you can think about what you are going to write, I recommend improving your typing speed. When I first started writing articles, my typing speed was about 20 words per minute. Within one year (and writing 1500 articles and 12 ebooks that year) my typing speed was up to 50 words per minute, just from practice (I had taken a typing class in high school so I had the basic 10 finger skills, I just hadn’t practiced enough to be error-free fast).

What about you? Could you write more if you typed faster? If so, it would probably be worth it to you to take a typing class. In fact, one month in a typing class (and you can use your articles as your practice assignments; in my world we call that “double dipping” or “killing 2 birds with one stone”) might double the speed at which you can write articles.

So let’s finalize this article. Right now 659 words at 11:18 AM. So 11 minutes, 674 words so 59 words per minute. And 11 minutes for one article. At that pace, you could write 5 articles per hour, or 10 articles per day at 2 hours per day, which is 200 articles per month working 20 days a month. Would it be worth 2 hours a day in your business to add 200 articles per month (or 2400 per year) to your website or the websites to which you contribute content?

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