Introduction to Shopasoft: Get Your Software Activated to Enjoy Full Functionality

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If you are looking for an activated software program or PC game, you are on the right page. Although you can go to the official websites of your desired software or game for the activation key, buying from a partner can help you save tons of money. For instance, Microsoft Office and Windows 10 keys are important for almost all users. If you want to buy these keys, you can check out a great platform, such as Shopasoft. Let’s find out more about this supplier.

Shopasoft is a startup that specializes in selling keys for different types of software, such as computer applications and games. Their headquarters are located in Paris, France. Since they are partnered with a lot of suppliers across the globe, they offer activation keys at much lower prices. For some products, you can get up to 95% discount.

Currently, their primary products include Windows 10 and Microsoft Office keys. However, you may also get keys for different games in the near future. They started their business in 2019 and have around 500 clients so far.

Just like other reliable businesses, Shopasoft focuses on buyer satisfaction. Therefore, they offer complete support for their valued customers. If you buy a key from them and it doesn’t seem to work on your copy of the software, you can contact them and they will change the key for you.

For now, their website is a simple MVP but they have plans to convert their store into a large marketplace where interested customers will be able to buy from legitimate suppliers across the globe directly. However, they will manually check the quality to ensure customers get what they have paid for.

Why should you buy from Shopasoft?

If you are wondering why you should buy from Shopasoft instead of a lot of other suppliers, you can check the reasons given below. These are some solid reasons that will convince you to check out the offers of this supplier instead of all others out there.

Instant/Automatic E-mail Delivery

As soon as your payment is confirmed, the website will redirect you to the download page and you will get the download link in our email to buy the software key. There is no waiting period. You pay and get the code right away. This way you can get the most out of the complete features of your desired software.

Legit product keys at discounted prices

Regardless of what product you want to get activated, know that the keys will be totally legitimate. And the good thing is that the discounted price will get you the key and still save you between 60 and 90%. You can compare the prices online to ensure Shopasoft gives you the best deal.

Dedicated Customer Support

In case of any question or problem, you can get in touch with their dedicated support team. Their support representative will take your request and process it right away to give you the answers you need. Their support operates 24/7.

So, if you are looking to get your software activated, we suggest that you check out Shopasoft. They can meet all your needs.

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