iPhone Data Recovery Software: A Look At iFonebox

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iFonebox is a newly released software for iOS device users to backup and restore lost data from the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. The software is also used in restoring lost data in iTunes backup files.

From iOS devices, iFonebox can restore contacts, messages, call histories, reminders, notes, calendars, and safari bookmarks. From iTunes backup, the software can restore camera roll, message attachment, contact, message, photo stream, note, reminder, calendar, memo, and safari bookmark.

Detailed features

One of the greatest features of the software is that it’s easy to use. Before you start using it, you need to first install iFonebox into your computer. After doing this you should connect your iOS device to the computer using a USB cable then select the “recover from iOS Device” in order to scan data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

If you want to deep scan your device you only need to click on the “advanced mode” and wait for a few minutes for the computer to download the plug-in according to the mode of your device.

The good thing is that iFonebox starts scanning automatically and you can see a list of data that includes both existing and deleted files.

Once the scan is completed, you need to preview all the data on your device in the scan result and see if you have recovered all the data. If all the data you wanted has not been recovered you can repeat the scanning process.

In addition to the software being easy to use, it’s also safe. This is because it works without damaging your data; therefore, when you use the software you won’t lose any information.

The software is also supported by many devices such as iPhone 5C/ 5S/5/4/4S/ iPad Air, iPod touch and many other devices. Since the software is compatible with many devices, you don’t have to purchase software for each of your devices and as a result you save a lot of money.

iFonebox has two recovery modes: one that recovers data from iOS directly and another that recovers data from iTunes backup. Availability of these modes gives you a wide range of options as you can use the mode that pleases you the most.


This is what you need to know about iFonebox software. To get the most from the software you should ensure that you download it from a reputable site. This way you will not only get high quality software, but you will also be assured that your device is secure.

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