Major Benefits of Server + Certification

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Server+ certification is issued from comp TIA and this certification will suit best to the candidates who have work experience in server environment for at least 18 to 24 months. In case if a candidate does not have work experience in the required field, then examination has to be taken and it is recommended that the candidate has to be competent in installations, configurations, maintenance, troubleshooting, server technology, disaster as well as upgrading recovery.

In order to obtain this server+ certification, candidate has to take up one examination and also a minimum of 615scaled points has to be scored in order to pass the examination. Candidate can take this certification examination in any of the Pearson VUE test center or Thompson prometic testing center.

Server+ certification examination:

Candidate needs to pass in an examination SK0-002 server+ and this examination shall be classified in to 8 subjects and they are as follows:

1) Installation
2) General server hardware
3) Configuration
4) Upgrading
5) Environment
6) Maintenance
7) Troubleshoot
8) Disaster recovery.

All these examinations have different levels of importance as well as different weight in the exam.
Job roles for server+ certified candidates:

Successful certified server+ candidates will get placed in various fields and the following are the possible job roles to the candidates.

1) System administration
2) Server administration
3) IT technician

Benefits for server+ certification:

Generally, people will think about the career opportunities, benefits and demand over the field before choosing up any course and even these happens in university degrees as well. The following are the benefits of server+ certification and they are:

1) This server+ certification can be said as vendor neutral certification and it validates the skills that are required on internet specific technology as well as in the web servers.
2) Candidates holding their server+ certification will be given first preference in employee point of view and also in promotion point of view.
3) Server+ certification will be very helpful to the candidates who have knowledge on web servers as well as internet technologies in order to get recognition from an organization.
4) Generally, server+ certified candidates are hired quickly and also they are paid with more salary.

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