Mentware – How to Develop a Money Making Mentality

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Yes, you can work your own miracles. You can give your life a turn-around. Mentware is where all the money lies. Yes, all the money you need till you depart this world does not depend on the possession of hardware or the accumulation of all kinds of software. It lies on having the right mentware.

Hardware and software can’t show you the money but mentware not only shows you the money but it also puts the money in your pocket. It says to you, “Man, you deserve more than this but just keep doing the right thing because you will soon get exactly what you deserve if you don’t give up.”

Hardware and software can take all your money away from you but mentware brings more and more money to you. Hardware and software can make your credit card, purse or wallet to be lean but mentware makes your credit card, purse or wallet to be fat.

Hardware and software can give you the spirit of selfishness and laziness but mentware gives you the spirit of service and decisive search for solutions to problems.

Great men and women of our times and history might have used hardware and software to showcase their missions and visions but it was mentware that actually brought success to them. Most of them did not even use hardware and software at all because such tools were not in existence when they were on this planet but they never achieved anything without mentware.

It was mentware that showed and brought Christopher Columbus to America. It was mentware in him that discovered America, a land flowing with milk and honey.

It was mentware that helped Martin Luther King Jnr. to see that time will come when all men and women of America will not be judged by the color of their skin. It is mentware that has made that tall dream to become a reality today and we can all say now, “Yes, we can!”

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