MEX Maintenance Software Forges Path for Better CMMS Functionality

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MEX have released game-changing functionality to their newest CMMS update.

On 17th July, Brisbane Maintenance company MEX CMMS debuted its latest feature God Mode, which sets to transform the functionality of CMMS Software.

Through this feature, processes which have previously required multiple manual efforts have been streamlined, with a focus on security and the ease of customisation. God Mode acts as an easy-to-use universal remote for all Maintenance components, allowing the control of such settings with one powerful tool.

God Mode allows complete optimisation of Security settings with a simple click, allowing users immediate access to all four of the key components; Security, Mandatory, Change Names, and Custom Fields.

A major focus of research and development has been placed onto the ease of use and the user experience. It enhances the MEX philosophy to provide a user-friendly and simple system. This tool makes MEX even easier to implement, simplifies the setup and strengthens the backbone of the system – security!

Setting up security is the most important thing when setting up MEX, and so it should be the most accessible procedure. Implementing and administering a CMMS software should not require a lot of time. God Mode saves you time and ensures that security and administration setup is as easy and effective as it should be. Allowing you to use your time to concentrate more on maintenance than setting up your systems security.

An outline of functions include:

  • Floating, remote-style control center with full security administration functionality
  • Click and drag security setup on any listing, menu and form in MEX
  • Colour-coded markers on listings and forms to allow for quick and easy editing as well as previewing what settings are already in place
  • The ability to change text on any label, button, heading and more throughout MEX and all on the fly
  • Customise any form with ease with a multitude of drag and drop controls

The newest MEX update transforms the way users interact with Maintenance Software. It’s a one-step tool that enables users to take control of security and administration settings as well as providing a platform to customise systems to suit individual needs.

All existing security setups remain and are accessible using God Mode functionality in addition to the original MEX Security setup process.

For assistance with the implementation of MEX’s newest features, their locally based support team are available via email, online chat, or phone to talk users through any questions. For feature tutorials on God Mode, and further updates, contact MEX.

Read more about God Mode through the MEX web page.

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