Microsoft MCSE Boot Camp – Not Your Normal Summer Camp

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A Microsoft MCSE boot camp is a camp where professionals can receive their Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) training in a short period of time. It is an actual camp that takes you away from your surroundings and places you in a highly intensive atmosphere of training. MCSE refers to a person who has passed all required exams about Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system and all related applications. There are many types of settings for this training program such as high schools as a location for training, online training courses through Microsoft or at a MCSE certification boot camp.

There are other camps such as the MCTS boot camp that serves and functions in the same way that the Microsoft MCSE boot camp does but offers training in targeting specific technologies. There are 20 different MCTS certifications that can obtained with each one having multiple courses and multiple exams.

A MCSE certification boot camp or a MCTS boot camp will cost you and most fees for the intense training include the course fee, the exam fee, course material, room and board and other services. One perk about the camps is that they can be located any where in the world. Some camps may be in a location that will allow you to enjoy a small vacation in between training. How does a beach resort grab you? Or a training camp in the Himalaya Mountains? These are locations that some certified camps are located in. A Microsoft MCSE boot camp will provide you with everything to help you succeed from small class sizes, hands on labs and one on one tutoring if needed. Most will offer you pre tests to help you prepare for your final exams.

The price for a stay at a MCSE certification boot camp ranges anywhere from the thousands of dollars and the longer your training is the more you will pay. There are situations where you may need to stay longer for any number of reasons and some camps will allow you to extend your stay for an additional fee.

You can think of a Microsoft MCSE boot camp as summer camp in some ways. For instance, great locations, room and board provided and daily activities but remember this is very intense training program that teaches professionals the technical knowledge to become Microsoft certified. This is not a camp for a beginner PC user but for users that have highly advanced skills when it comes to computers.

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