My Windows Registry is a Mess – How to Clean It?

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I got the reason for the poor performance of his latest so called best computer. It has been seen that performance of a system depends on so many factors such as good operating system along with better random access memory popularly called as RAM etc.,but one of the most common reason for poor performance of the system is over burden of not used registry in the operating system of the computer what happens when any computer user add or remove software from his system or some programs which are interrupted between installation cause registry errors.

The registry of all these unused programs and software remain in the operating system of the system and that affect the performance of the system. The system will become very slow and will take more time in start up,it will show registry errors such as win 32 quite often.

Now the question comes – How to clean windows registry?

We can clean windows registry by two ways-

1. If you have some knowledge about windows registry then you can clean it up manually.

2. If you do not have any knowledge of registry of the operating system then you can clean it up with the help of Registry Cleaner Software.

Registry cleaner software are easy to use and in just one click it can remove all the possible registry errors from the operating system of your computer and ensures that it regain the performance like it was earlier.

Before selecting a registry cleaner you should take care of following-

1. Ensure to read the reviews of registry cleaner.

2. It should take the proper back up of all the files before cleaning the registry.

3. It should be from some reliable company.

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