RegGenie Registry Cleaner Review: A True Registry Genie Or Just A Waste Of Money?

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Having only been launched in 2008, RegGenie is one of the newest players in the registry cleaners’ market today. With too many registry cleaners which are more popular and have been around way before RegGenie, what will be its edge to its competitors? How would this product attract consumers, when there are better and more established choices available? More importantly, how would Reg Genie refute the claim that registry cleaners are totally unnecessary and can even be harmful instead of doing good? This review will let you know the good sides and reveal the drawbacks of this software and will ultimately tell if RegGenie is a true registry genie or just another dirty scheme on the internet.

Although RegGenie has only been around for nearly three years, it has quite proved its worth. The reasonable numbers of good reviews it has received will attest to that. In that span of time, the software managed to make a name and impress its users with its offerings. The easy to use interface of this application is mainly why it’s being loved by its users. Of course, it offers more than that. Like the more popular choices, RegGenie can automatically scans the registry and repair it. Scanning and repairing can be scheduled. It also has a registry defragmentation. Other features of it include startup management and backup and restore features.

Registry cleaners have long been known as sources of malwares, while many say that it’s just another front of an internet scam. So is RegGenie just a scam or it’s a source of spyware, adware and viruses? Surprisingly, this software did not defend itself through mere words and empty claims. For the scam accusation it is getting, its response is a BBB accreditation with an A+ rating. Now, for the claim that it is a source of viruses and other harmful elements, the software has a strong answer to it as well. It is boasting its 100% clean certification by Softpedia. So by now, your lingering doubts about RegGenie should have been replaced with trust already.

Like any other registry cleaners, RegGenie has its drawbacks too. Its “free trial” is a major disappointment because it isn’t really free. Talk about the “catch”. There are also complains about how tricky it is to uninstall the program. Despite these drawbacks in mind, RegGenie can still compete with key players like Registry Easy, FixCleaner and RegistryFix. In the end, it will be up to you which registry cleaner will you choose to use. But before making up your mind, make it a point to read reviews of RegGenie, Registry Easy, RegistryFix and other product reviews at a reliable review site. Only through review comparison you will see which registry cleaner really stand out among the rest when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

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