Smart PC Fixer – Should I Use Smart PC Fixer?

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There are many registry cleaners out on the market today and not all of them are effective or even safe to use. Is Smart PC Fixer a good registry cleaner to use for removing 100% of your registry errors and improve your computer’s performance?

Below, I have outlined in depth every aspect of this program, so that you can make an educated decision before installing and using it on your computer.

Smart PC Fixer is a newer registry cleaner that has recently come out onto the market on roughly February 25, 2012. It claims to help fix all of your windows errors and optimize your system all with just a couple clicks of a button, but can it really?

What we really liked about this program is that Smart PC Fixer has a very intuitive and user friendly layout. What we mean by this is that all the tools & functions are simply named and laid out on the main menu. When you click on each main tool, you will be able to open up a sub-menu of additional tools that you can use. There is no need to spend time looking for hidden tools or features. Advanced and novice computers will be able to navigate Smart PC Fixer without any problems.

Besides having an user friendly interface, Smart PC Fixer has a capable list of features to keep your computer running smoothly. By using this program, you will have access to the following tools: Scan & Clean, System Optimize, System Fix, System Tools and Backup.

Lets go into the main features briefly.

Scan and Clean: This tool is your standard registry cleaner function where you will be able to clear and get rid of all your registry errors on your computer. You are also given the option to use the Evidence Cleaner (for cookies, browser history, etc) and Junk File Cleaner.

System Optimize: This tool is used for speeding up your computer’s performance. With this tool, you are able to optimize your Menu, Service, Startup and Desktop to allow your computer to run at its maximum performance.

System Fix: This tool is used to scan, diagnose and fix any errors that your computer may have. By using this tool, you will be able to fix ActiveX, repair.DLL objects, delete broken shortcuts, fix Winsock2 errors and associate files.

System Tools: Within this tool, you will get the remaining additional features that will improve your computers performance. Upon selecting this tool, you will have access to: ActiveX Blocker, File Splitter, File Shredder, Disk Defrag, Windows Update, Uninstall Manager, IE Toolkit, BHO Manager, IE Restore and IE Management.

Backup: This tool is used to backup your computer before you scan and repair your registry errors. Sometimes, you may accidentally delete an important file, so backing up your computer with this tool is important.

Overall, we give Smart PC Fixer 6.5/10 because it is a decent registry cleaner.

We really liked how easy to use the program was but, we did not particularly like the speed of the registry scanner and the accuracy at which it would detect and remove registry errors.

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