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Spyware has become as much a scourge of modern day computing as spam and viruses, so what is the best spyware cure?

Let’s take a look first at what it is. Spyware is a software program that usually installs itself discretely on your computer without you knowing about it, it then collects data about your activities and even takes control of some other programs and installs other items you don’t want.

This can range from being a minor inconvenience with your computer slowing down and new toolbars clogging your screen, to being a threat to your home and family by transmitting all your personal details to cyberthieves around the world. Needless to say you have to get rid of it asap!

The problem is that most of the time you do not know you are being infected. Companies actually pay people to get you to install these programs on your computer. The next time you get a free piece of software you need to check the small print as it may just be a vehicle to infect your computer while you innocently mess around with the free software used to conceal the act.

Some sure signs that your computer are infected can be when:

– It starts to behave erratically

– You get far more pop ups appearing (some spyware will display one every few minutes)

– Your system is running slower than normal (usually a sign of multiple infections)

The best spyware cure is to run a free scan from one the many sites offering diagnostic software such as Xoftspy, Noadware and Adware alert. Running a free scan can easily identify if you have been infected and then you know if you need to get the software to cleanse your computer.

Once your computer is given the all clear then you need to take measures to ensure you don’t get infected again, don’t install any little programs offered for free without reading all the small print and scan any files you download with a competent antivirus scanner which should nowadays be able to highlight files infected with this software.

This will help to ensure you personal details remain safe and that your computer is running at a decent speed!

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