The Pros and Cons of Refurbished Servers

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Refurbished servers are a popular option for companies that need an affordable way to upgrade the IT system, but buying used servers can be a high risk, high reward situation. On one hand, pre-owned servers can be offered in great condition for a steeply discounted price. On the other hand, they can have mechanical problems that make their value questionable at any price. If you are considering buying refurbished servers, keep in mind the following pros and cons of buying refurbished servers.

Pro: discounted price

To start with the obvious, refurbished servers are typically sold at an attractive price – often over 50 percent off the original sticker price. If you need a server that looks and performs like new for the price of a pre-owned server, buying a refurbished server is an excellent option. Just be careful whom you buy it from, as this could determine how well the hardware has been inspected, tested, and reconditioned.

Con: have to be careful whom you buy from

Buying a refurbished server is not as simple as buying a new server. You have to question how well the seller has inspected, tested, and reconditioned the hardware before putting it on the sales block. The best way to assess the quality of a seller’s equipment is to speak with its references, review its record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and request to inspect the equipment before you buy it.

Pro: available with a lifetime warranty

From a quality standpoint, buying used servers can be a scary experience. You do not want a piece of hardware that needs frequent repairs, as this could significantly affect productivity. Thankfully, businesses do not have to take their chances with the reliability of hardware. Instead, they can buy equipment that comes with a lifetime warranty for parts and labor. Most reconditioned equipment comes with a warranty that lasts between 30 days and a year, but hardware that comes with a lifetime warranty is out there, too.

Con: may lack the latest, greatest technology

Hardware typically has a longer lifespan than software. Therefore, chances are that you can find a pre-owned server that offers the IT capacity your system needs. However, if you want a recent technology that is only available in hardware that has yet to hit the secondhand market, you may have to invest in new equipment, or wait until the hardware starts being liquidated to sellers of pre-owned IT components.

Pro: helpful for maintaining a legacy system

Contrary to needing the latest technology, you may need technology that supports a legacy IT system. If so, the inventory of a pre-owned hardware seller should offer what you need to keep the system up and running.


As long as you are careful whom you buy the hardware from, and focus on getting equipment that comes with a lifetime warranty, buying refurbished hardware is an excellent way to upgrade the IT system without breaking the IT budget.

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