The Secret Of Programming, An Unusual Speed Reading Article

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Quick repetition and memorization is the secret of mastering a subject. Slow, rote actions are the secret of mastering nothing. But most people have that reality mixed up in their minds, this article will explain why the way I put it is the real reality of the situation. Read quickly and work quickly over and over through any subject fully until it is mastered and you are guaranteed to master it. Sure, some people cannot master anything unless they do it through slow rote repetition. But, that is because they do not desperately want to memorize the subject; add a little desperation and then come back to me later, that is the big point. When there is a need to memorize and apply genuinely, that is the secret of it all.

Who would admit that necessity like that is the key to power? Not many people in so many ways. But who was it that said that “necessity is the key to invention and developed power”? Well, it does not matter. Indeed, all that matters is that it is the reality that necessity is the key to invention and developed power.

The necessary effort is always required fast or slow. But when there is a genuine need, how would you prefer to master and end up mastering something? Exactly, when there is a definite need, barriers seem to leave and mastery seems to come; because necessity is a vehicle and device for advancement, especially when memorizing and mastering. Sure, I could make this article more complex and give methods in a rote way, but I prefer to explore the philosophical and psychological realities of what really makes speed reading work or not work, so that there is a genuine understanding of the why. We all have had too much “how.” “Why,” in this case is much more important, deeply important.

So, the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, that “if there is enough of a why behind what you are doing, the how does not matter and is easy to take without matter to how hard it is.” That is the real reality behind speed memorization, speed understanding, and genuine speed reading. You can have the best “how” in the world, but if you do not have a sufficient “why,” it just will not work without matter to what is done in the efforts to achieve a particular goal. So, the why of what you are doing and the how of what you are doing, in that order must be harmonized, or nothing will be achieved, not even speed reading or speed memorization. That is the big secret to speed reading or any other discipline.

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