The Secret To Speeding Up Your PC

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Let’s get to the point, you want to speed up your PC, right? Who doesn’t.

Here are five simple ways:

1. Take a look at how much system memory you have. Anything less than 4 gigs is considered low these days. The good news is, RAM is really cheap, and so easy to install that you can do it yourself. I’m not going to write the tutorial here, but the jist of it is, just pop the stick in the empty slot (that’s what she said).

2. Disable all those annoying programs that start up with your computer. This can be done by typing msconfig in the run command. There you can access the startup tab and disable all those frustrating programs that slow down your PC. This can make one of the most noticeable differences in PC speed, and it only takes a minute to do.

3. Free up some space on your hard drive. A hard drive that is full runs slower than a hard drive that is half full. Just like a person who is fat, runs slower than a person who is slim. It’s just the way the world goes round. Free up some hard drive space, and I guarantee that you will notice immediate improvement in your PC performance.

4. Scan your PC for viruses and Spyware. These little buggers can really affect your computer speed, big-time. AVG is a good free virus scanner that you can install. It is also very light-weight, so it shouldn’t slow down your PC. You should always have an anti-virus system running, especially if you surf the internet. There are thousands of people out there trying to steal information from innocent people. Don’t let one of these people be you because you left your PC unprotected.

5. Invest in a good registry cleaner. I can not stress this point enough. One of the main causes of PC slow-down is a bloated registry. Registry cleaners scan your PC for corrupt, duplicate, and obsolete registry keys, and remove them. This alone will make your computer run like superman. OK, well, maybe not faster than a speeding bullet, but you know what I mean.

Follow these five steps and you can put off having to buy a new computer for a long, long time. Take it from someone who is using a computer that is five years old and still running strong: the secret is maintenance.

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