Tools, Software and Methods to Ensure 100% Recovery From Computer Data Loss

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If you have had a major computer data loss or hard disk failure that resulted in the loss of major data stored in your computer, the measurement of the effectiveness of the data recovery process lies in the time period it takes for you to recover the data or to restore the data in its entirety.

While there are many ways to recover your data loss, methods and tools used in the recovery process can range from the very complicated to simple tools available.

Data recovery is never simple, but while the process is complicated, the data recovery can take the minimal amount of time, with very few difficulties or non at all.

In order to recover your data, you may need to purchase a data recovery tool kit designed to work as a simple stand alone solution that you can use on or offline.

There are available software tools that can be used to recover data that has been lost by simple inadvertent erasure. With some software tools, it is possible to recover data still resident in the trash bin or in other less accessible areas of your computer, including some recent deleted data files.

Many of these tools are now common applications for forensic accountants and scientists who work on erasable data to recover them as evidence in a court of law or for police work.

The most important point is that data recovery tools are effective to allow you to recover most of the data loss, but to recover 100% of the data loss is not often possible.

The ultimate way to guarantee your data is to use a remote data backup system that resides on another server, so that upon replacement of any physical component of part of the computer which has broken down, such as a hard disk failure, it will only take a few minutes to completely restore the entire contents of a computer system via the remote data backup. Only a remote data backup will allow you to restore everything back to its last original state.

So the question to ask is this: “Are you protected 100% against data loss in your computer system?”. If you are not, then it is indeed time to consider utilising a remote data backup system which is readily available for as low as $10 a month and will enable you to recover your full data immediately remotely in the event of a devastating data loss.

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