Top 4 Facts For Computer Forensic Beginners

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When the word “forensic” is mention, it brings excitement to people. To make it more interesting, we combine information technology (IT) to it. And so, we have “computer forensics”, where the job involves obtaining legal evidence in computers and digital storage media. As a beginner to this relatively new field, it is interesting to know the 4 facts below:

1) This job will increase your blood pressure and it is not for the easily fainted ones. You may discover crucial evidence as you investigate. You may face many obstacles and even threats throughout your investigation. So make sure you are ready to face all these challenges.

2) It offers one of the highest pay jobs in the market where salary can reach as high as six figures as you progress. According to, this is one of the Top 10 High Paying Careers and Best Average Starting Career.

3) Computers and IT are your passion. You never an episode of CSI. If these are true, you possess what it takes to be a computer forensics. This job requires you to have the characteristics of an investigator with excellent IT knowledge and skills. To make it more interesting, you will have the opportunity to be one of the first few one to try out the latest technology, software, equipments and many more.

4) The prospect of this job is good as the demand for this profession rise mainly due to high dependence of human daily life to IT. Hence, job opportunities are out there waiting for you and as you accumulate more experiences and skills, you will be able to secure a good paid job.

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