Top 6 Advantages Of Taking Up the CCNA Certification Program

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Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a beginner level certification started in 1998 to put up a strong foundation in networking using the technologies and products offered by Cisco. It has become a most emerging certification these days in IT and networking profession as there are more than one million CCNA certified professionals throughout the world.

You should start preparing for this certification in the very beginning of your career so that you don’t have to struggle for your job like other professionals in your field. CCNA will help you build your career by giving you tremendous job opportunities as well as big promotions. Even though a CCNA is only a starter level, it can still pull out large benefits to the certificate holder.

This article will discuss some of the important advantages of CCNA certification. By having a look at these points, you will be definitely inspired yourself to acquire CCNA certification.

Advantage 1: Increase in knowledge

Acquiring a CCNA certification allows you to widen your knowledge in IT sector. You will be expertise in basic concepts, fundamental concepts of networking that will help you explore more in IT profession. You will be available with plenty of opportunities that IT will provide you if you are a CCNA certified professional. There are more job opportunities for CCNA certified candidates when compared with non-certified candidates.

Advantage 2: More chances of promotion

CCNA certification helps you to boost your career with new opportunities. You become eligible to apply for various designations that require certification. A certified candidate has more chances to get promoted from the present position. There are even more chances to be hired by various companies, as this is a most required certification for networking and the professionals.

Advantage 3: Increase in salary

The best advantage of being a CCNA certified is higher salary in the same company you are working for or next company you are going to work for. Once you are promoted with the help of this certification, you will have an increment in your present salary. If you are not promoted and if you have changed your company with a CCNA certification, then you will have chances to get paid more than any IT professional. This is how CCNA is important in increasing your salary. If you are not getting paid good enough, you can negotiate by taking advantage of your certification.

Advantage 4: Development in career

CCNA serves as a success ladder in your career, especially in the networking sector. You are offered to dig more into networking world and your career in this field will develop within no time. You have a great chance to work in the world’s biggest companies as Cisco products are mostly affordable only by these companies. You will also be provided with different learning materials as well as opportunities so that you can build your career and reach more heights.

Advantage 5: Job satisfaction

For an IT professional, his skills are shown by his certifications. The certified candidates are well recognized and CCNA certification makes one feel satisfied with his job as well as a sense of appreciation is gained from his fellow professionals for his certifications and skills. Once you are satisfied with what you are doing, you will be motivated to learn more and achieve more success in your career.

Advantage 6: More opportunities on the way

Networking world has a lot of opportunities for IT professionals. CCNA certified persons will have to struggle less for any job than a fresh graduate with no certification. Having a CCNA certification will make you satisfied and appreciated as an IT candidate. It gives you goosebumps to learn, perform, and advance your career. It also gains more respect from your co-workers and colleagues. Because they know the value of it and they couldn’t reach this achievement. So, you really deserve the best of CCNA.

Advancement in technology has led to many new industries and businesses for which there is need of networking managers for network operations and security. People with CCNA certification will have opportunities in these industry sectors and business. Companies have started to show more interest in employing certified professionals, and you don’t have to worry if you have it under your belt.

These are six advantages of taking up the CCNA certification program. Once you are CCNA certified, you will know the difference between you and any IT graduate. You will be having opportunities lying at your feet after you are CCNA certified. You will be called by famous IT companies for job offerings. There are many more advantages of being CCNA certified and no disadvantage for your career. If you are an IT professional, start preparing for CCNA certification or any other IT certification as CCNA certified program is really important for IT professionals especially belonging to networking world.

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