Top iPod Problems and How You Can Fix Them

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Most say the small shape of the iPod is an advantage, while others argue that the increased mobility just increases the chances of an accidents happening.

The most common accident the iPod faces is simply being dropped. This kind of accident can happen anywhere at any time, and if it happens to drop outside on concrete you might be in trouble. The least that can happen is a minor scratch, which can easily just be ignored or buffed out. If you start experiencing hard drive problems because of the drop, you’ll know something bad has happened. Although many prefer to send their iPods off to specialists for repair, some owners prefer to do it themselves.

If you’re a do it yourselfer, or you just like to experiment, try buying your own parts to fix your iPod. This might be a good alternative to having it repaired, especially if you dread the time you have to wait for repairs to be completed. You can purchase broken iPods with workable parts, or buy individual screens, batteries, and harddrives on websites like eBay.

If you’ve owned your iPod for a year or longer, you might see signs of battery weakness. When this happens, you’ll know that it’s life is coming up short. A battery replacement would be a good investment in this case, and will solve the problem nicely.

Be careful if you keep your iPod in your back pocket. If you aren’t careful with your iPod while it’s in your jacket, pants, or pocket, it can be prone to bending and cracking. It’s important to remember that the iPod isn’t made out of steel, and can sometimes be a fragile device, especially the LCD screen. Unfortunately there’s no fix for a cracked LCD screen – you’ll have to repair it and get the screen replaced. If you obtain the proper parts and equipment, repairing your own iPod is within your grasp.

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