Trojan Horse Virus Infection Signs

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A Trojan horse is a malicious program that looks like a genuine piece of software. As a result, most users end up installing it in their computers without really knowing of the harm it can do. Some Trojans work by giving a criminal control over a person’s computer; some simply seek weaknesses in the software installed in a computer, while others steal valuable information such as bank details, login credentials and sensitive business data. What is even more frightening is the fact that if one does not have a Trojan horse removal tool, these malicious programs can completely destroy a computer system and ruin any valuable data stored in it.

The good news is that most Trojan horse infections are usually accompanied by symptoms. It is important to know most of these Trojan infection symptoms as it will help ensure that you detect the presence of the Trojan horse in time. This will end up enabling you to use a Trojan cleaner to get rid of the malicious program before it has enough time to completely destroy both your computer and your data.

Irritating Messages and pop-ups

If you notice strange pop-ups and messages in your computer, you likely have an infected computer. Most Trojan horse viruses generate these pop-ups in order to gain permissions that will then allow them to install additional malicious software. This additional software is what may then be used to either delete your data or steal it. Some of these pop-ups and messages can also be used to simply display irritating and unwanted information such as advertisements. The only way to get rid of these intrusive data displays is to eliminate the root of the problem. This is something that a Trojan horse removal tool is perfectly suited for.

A Slow Computer

Since it is a piece of software, a Trojan horse will need some of your computer resources in order to run. Some Trojans are also designed to overwhelm a system by taking up a lot of memory, something that eventually causes a computer to slow down. There is also the fact that in order to give control to a remote user or to accomplish a task, a Trojan may have to use your computer’s bandwidth. This will slow down your internet connection, making it difficult for you to accomplish any important task.

If you notice that your computer has significantly slowed down, you should install a Trojan cleaner. Having it in your computer will keep the Trojan from running background resources. It can also isolate the malicious program, keeping it from using your computer’s memory. This, in addition to the fact that Trojan removers can completely delete the Trojan, will then restore your computer’s speed. This includes the computer’s internet connection speed.

Missing Files

When a Trojan horse infects a computer, it can change the name of its files. It can also run applications that will transfer your files from one folder to another. Some can even completely wipe your computer’s memory. If this is happening to your computer, it is time to have it armed with Trojan removers. When installed, these removers will incapacitate any Trojans in your computer. They will also keep them from running the applications that are deleting or moving your files, something that will go a long way towards increasing your chances of limiting your data losses.

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