Vo-Tech Masonry Programs Adopt Additional Learning Methods

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Many students have a difficult time deciding what career field to pursue. While girls will mostly venture out into the field of nursing, boys will usually enroll in a building construction or woodworking class. It is not at all surprising to learn that many students are taking advantage of the masonry programs using the tutor saliba learning method that is being offered at some high schools throughout the US. The program exposes students to educational options, and opportunities, before they graduate high school and strike out into the job market. It uses a combination of visual, oral and auditory teaching methods for all students. Masonry is one of the newest additions to this method of teaching. Teen-age students get the chance to try out the vo-tech masonry program and see if this is something of interest to them. If so, students are encouraged to continue, and possibly attend a two-year program at a local vocational institution.

Students can acquire job skills during their high school years and immediately enter into the work force upon completion. Students can start entering the masonry program at the start of their first year of high school. For many students who know what they want, this program is helpful, especially if they struggle with traditional learning methods. It saves them the hassle of looking for a job, and finding one, and which they are not qualified to do after graduating high school. The job skills they acquire give them an advantage that non-skilled masonry workers do not have. They have the opportunity to earn more money and the chance to pursue higher education. The three levels of training range from beginning to advanced, with intermediate in between.

First year students learn the basics of masonry, which is how to handle tools, safety rules and how to lay mortar. As students advance through each level of training, they will acquire more skills. Students are taken off campus to enhance their skills and gain valuable work experience. The classes are accredited and may lead to other opportunities, such as a four-year apprenticeship scholarship with one year already earned. The jobs that students qualify for in this area are mason helper, brick mason, stonemason, concrete mason, tile setter and more.

Students gain a unique opportunity that would normally cost thousands of out-of-pocket dollars. This is a comprehensive course and students should be physically fit before taking on a class of this nature. Students will receive hands-on training both on and off campus. Aside from being interested, a high school student with a background in math is preferred, as students will be working with numbers. In construction, measuring and precision is important.

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