What Causes ActiveX Errors and How to Easily Fix Them Using a Registry Cleaner

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ActiveX applications are third party programs that may be used to perform utility procedures on your computer either remotely or as an installed program on your PC. Such programs as virus scanners make use of this technology. ActiveX errors may occur if such applications are missing in your computer or if you have malicious ones installed.

ActiveX errors may be caused by some ActiveX applications on the internet which are actually malicious software. Such applications may damage the integrity of your computer in many ways, causing ActiveX errors. You are well-advised to disallow ActiveX programs from running unless you give them explicit permission to do so. To disallow access to these programs there are usually tools in whatever browser window you are using. These modules are normally found in a security section of the browser’s menu.

ActiveX errors may also result from neglecting to register system files. All applications in your computer need to have entries in the central registry of Windows for them to run. If you get an error that mentions something about a.dll file, you should open up your command prompt, proceed to the directory of that file and type “regsvr32 filename” into the prompt. This will cause the file to be officially recognized by your Windows registry.

Just as ActiveX errors may result from faulty registration of system dynamic link libraries (dlls) so can they be caused by removal of these same procedure files from your computer. Dll files are often not for the exclusive use of one application or program. Many dll files are shared among many applications in your PC. This is the reason why sometimes, when uninstalling a program from your pc, you will be reminded that the dlls associated with the program you are removing may be shared with other applications. To prevent ActiveX errors, the safest way to respond to that prompt is to choose not to remove any dlls. Although this action can stock up a lot of unused odds and ends in your computer, those dlls will be harmlessly sitting in their directories.

If by mistake you have removed a dll needed by other programs, you should try looking for a free download of this item on the internet. That or reinstall the program affected all over again to eliminate ActiveX errors.

Finally ActiveX errors may be caused by malicious agents like Trojans and worms. These agents can mess up the system registry of windows in their attempt to discover vital information from your computer or just out of perverted fun. Since the system registry of windows is a fantastically huge compilation of all the key/value pairs that all the programs running on your computer need to start up and continue running, removing ActiveX errors with a manual fix of the registry is hardly ever an option.

For the purpose of eliminating ActiveX errors caused by a faulty registry you should have a good registry cleaner. It can be a problem to look for a real and effective registry cleaner, one that isn’t malicious ware disguised. For this purpose you should seek the advice of someone knowledgeable and whom you can trust to recommend a safe and effective cleaner for you to use.

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