Windows 7 Crashes on Shutdown – Fix Windows 7 Shutdown Crashes Through Registry Repair

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Does your Windows 7 crash on shutdown? This strange problem can occur any time.To fix it you need to sort out what is causing it to crash and how to fix the issue at hand. Another way to avoid common Windows 7 errors is to use a holistic PC maintenance tool.

Many computer users are aware of the importance of computer security software yet they sometimes forget using a good registry repairing software. What happens is that the errors related to Windows registry ruin the whole system and computer security software is not able to fix those errors which are not caused by the computer virus.

The reason behind is that not all PC crashes are linked to virus and spyware infections in the computer. Rather due to the corrupted Windows registry a PC can begin to perform pathetically. A PC with corrupted Windows 7 registry not only runs slower but it also frequently crashes. Using a best tool to clean Windows registry is often helpful.

Before we explore how to fix Windows 7 crashes we shall try to understand the concept of Windows Registry. Windows registry is an extremely important platform of the operating system where information about all the programs is stored. This information is not static but rather dynamic. The problem starts when some of the registry keys become invalid or corrupt. These keys cause a conflict situation and Windows 7 begins to malfunction.

It is highly recommended to keep registry cleaned so that system can run real faster.

Updating drivers, BIOS and changing power supply shall also be in your list of ‘to-do’ things while fixing this problem. However, sometimes heavy games and unsuitable programs and antiviruses may be linked to the Windows 7 shutdown crash. You shall try to analyze and identify the problem to take a perfect action.

Also apply these steps:

As default, Windows clears memory page file every time Windows shuts down. Disable this feature to fix Windows 7 crashing on shutdown.

1. Click Start, type GpEdit.msc in the Search box and press ENTER.

2. Go to: Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Security Settings | Local Policies | Security Options.

3. Double click Shutdown: Clear virtual memory pagefile.

4. Disable it and then close the window.

Set the default configurations of your computer’s Power Management. Some devices might not be shutting off properly and causing Windows 7 crashes on shutdown. To fix them do these steps:

1. Click Start | Control Panel.

2. Click Hardware and Sound | Power Options.

3. Click Change Power Settings link next to your active power plan. (Usually Balanced)

4. Click Changed advanced power settings.

5. In the new dialog, click Restore Plan Defaults button.

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